Mastering the Art of the Speedlite – with Syl Arena

As an image-maker (still and motion), I am obsessed with light–seeing it, feeling it, and sharing it. I am equally obsessed with shadow.

I earned a BFA in studio art years ago and once built a pinhole camera that shot 20″ x 24″ film (which I printed as cyanotypes). This summer, I look forward to starting work on an MFA.

Recently, I built a darkroom at home. I'm now making abstract photographs in which I cast light directly onto photo-sensitive paper. No camera. No computer. I call my new series “Color Fields.”

I’m humbled to say that I’ve written two best-selling books on the subject of lighting—Speedliter’s Handbook and Lighting for Digital Photography.

I teach photography and art full-time at Mission College Prep in San Luis Obispo.

During the summer I teach week-long workshops in great places like Santa Fe, Rockport, and Missoula.

And yes, I'm proud of my crazy, red hair.

Want to know more? Please get in touch.

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