TWiP 547 – Photographers Travel Tips for 2019

with Matt Granger and Lee Herbet

In this episode, I'm joined by two creatives — who coincidentally both happen to originate from Austrailia. Matt Granger and Lee Herbet join the show to discuss some of their learnings from having traveled the globe shooting stills and video, teaching workshops and more. We'll get into some of the nitty-gritty around how you can ensure you are taking exactly what you need on your next trip, how to keep your stuff safe, and how not to over (or under) pack, and much more. We've done a few shows like this in the past, but things have changed; cameras are smaller, drones are here and more. It's time to revisit this topic for the new year!

About Matt Granger

Matt Granger Photography is a photography studio based in Sydney Australia. Matt is a portrait photographer and photography educator, passionate about sharing the love of photography

About Lee Herbet

Lee Herbet is a visual storyteller. Through his company,, he and his team have helped some of the biggest brands in the world tell their stories. He loves teaching photography/video and editing. He delivers workshops all over the world. He writes for a number of online photography and video sites on topics ranging from reviews, opinion pieces to “how to” articles.

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