TWiP 529 – The Death of Quality.

with PhotoJoseph, Erik Kuna and Frederick Van Johnson

This week I’m joined by rocket launch photographer Erik Kuna and YouTuber PhotoJoseph. The topic is quality, or the lack thereof in many tech products and software today.

Have we become a society of beta testers? Back in the day, manufacturer's polished their products to as close to “perfection” as possible. Occasionally a few “bugs” slipped through, and those were quickly fixed. Today, it’s more of a matter of rushing your product to market, then allowing consumers to complain and find the problems. Which are then fixed by the ubiquitous firmware update, software patch or in some of the more egregious cases — recall.

Is this the state of things today? Or is it time to get back to the days of W. Edwards Deming's Total Quality Management (TQM).

An interview on rocket photography with Erik Kuna:

Picks of the Week:

PhotoJoseph: India workshop, and vintage Russian lenses

  • Search eBay for “vintage russian lens” and “m42 mount”
  • Cheap “speedbooster” M42 to Micro Four Thirds is:
    (from there you can find the versions for nearly any combination)

More about “Just One Flash“:

More about PhotoJoseph's India Workshop

Featuring Ardh Kumbh Mela, with Varanasi and Kolkata

This photography tour is sure to be one of the most incredible travel and photography experiences you've ever had, or likely will. We will tour vibrant, colorful India on an adventure that saddles the single largest gathering of human beings on the planet; the Ardh Kumbh Mela, celebrated only once every six years. The photography opportunities at an event like this can not be underestimated.

Dates: January 30 ~ February 09, 2019
Pricing: $5,995 and a $300 TWiP listener discount – just whisper “TWiP” to PhotoJoseph!
(also, price could go as low as $5,245 if the tour fills up)

Check Out the Workshop!

Check Out the Workshop!


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