TWiP 490: The Creative’s Cloud

Adobe updates its Creative Cloud apps and announces big changes to their Adobe Stock service. The Cubs win the World Series! But photojournalism coverage of the event lost. And, you may have heard that innocuous webcams were the unwitting tools of the recent massive Internet disruption. Well, it looks like you may have heard wrong!

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  • Kevin

    I have some comments on brick and mortar profitability. The biggest drain now is Instant Savings and credit card fees. We make about 10 percent on a DSLR and 5-10 percent on point and shoots. When the customer uses a credit card (and they all do), it costs us about 3 percent of the total including sales tax.
    Instant Savings is another huge drain. Rebates used to be something the customer mailed in and the manufacturer paid a fulfillment house to send checks. Now it comes out of our pocket at the time of purchase. We have to wait up to 30 days to apply for reimbursement. Reimbursement is only 80 percent of the amount the customer received (the “wholesale” price of the rebate). Then we wait up to 90 days to get a credit on our account (not a refund check). The paperwork involved can take an entire day to fill out for a claim (and we don’t get paid to do that).
    So if a customer spends an hour discussing the purchase, then pays with a credit card, and buys no accessories that we might actually make a profit on, we lose money. That doesn’t count all the customer who have to go talk to their spouse, or were “just looking”.
    I have been involved in photography for nearly 50 years, and in photo retail for over 40. I also fix cameras, develop and print film, maintain the lab, do demos and lessons, and don’t receive a commission.
    We are in New York state. There used to be 80 members of a dealer association that did not include metro New York. Now there are about 8-10 dealers left.

    Sorry for the rant, retail has changed a lot in the last 10 years.