TWiP 466: Modularity by Design ­- Divide and Conquer

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TWiP 466: Modularity by Design ­- Divide and Conquer

Is it a digression from the ideal of “less is more”? Or just another gimmick designed to create product lines more efficient at separating consumers from their dollars. Modularity by Design is the newest wave in high tech industrial design and in this episode we take a look at two early players implementing this methodology — Google and Craft Camera.

Google’s Project Ara promises to let you pick and choose your components to create the ideal phone, tailor made for you. And the same goes for Craft Camera… they aim to allow you to assemble the perfect 4K video camera, designed by you, for you… or rather for the job at hand.   

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  1. No one shoots NIkon for video! Canon, Panasonic and Sony hold the keys to entry level video. There is some good Nikon glass but Nikon shooters are stills shooter plain and simple. Furthermore, what’s your path to professional video from Nikon? Canon has C100 c300 c500, Sony has FS camera and Panasonic have Vericam. Where do you go from a Nikon DLSR??? You have nowhere to go. That’s why no one makes a Nikon mount Video camera.

  2. Perhaps also forgetting about processor and I/O for the modular design of these cameras. At this point this it he most important part. It’s one thing to capture so much data at one time, it’s another to be able to move it around fast enough to do something meaningful with that data. These things are generally attached to motherboards and can’t be swapped out. If we’re going smaller I don’t think modular is really the way to do that. Almost like PC vs Mac. Everyone says Mac just works and I tend to agree, but that is because they aren’t so modular and only have to write code for a small number of products whereas PC has many more options to choose from but also many more hardware/software whoas because of software integration. I’m a PC user btw.

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