TWiP 442 – Is VR Poised to Change the World?

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TWiP 442 – Is VR Poised to Change the World?

Adobe launches a sleek new look for Photoshop CC, and introduces the ability to customize the user interface and enter the Design Space mode to take full control over the screen elements, and work with Artboards, similar to the working space used in Adobe Illustrator.

The panel kicks off the conversation by discussing these changes, and how we feel these new features could help photographers to streamline their workflow, and save us time by only displaying the tools that we use regularly within Photoshop.

In the second story for this week, we discuss Phase One acquiring the Mamiya Digital Imaging Company. This is an expansion of the medium format camera company that our Phase One expert and panelist this week, Jeffrey Totaro, welcomes with open arms.

In discussion surrounding our third story this week, we talk about the possibility of Virtual Reality coming of age as a technology and visual medium, and how it can be use to provide an immersive experience raising awareness of crisis situations, and the foreseen difficulties involved in filming a virtual reality movie in real time.

Standing in for Frederic Van Johnson, this week’s host Martin Bailey is joined by Architectural Photographer Jeffrey Totaro and host of our own TWiP Weddings Podcast, Bryan Caporicci.

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