TWiP 422 – Google Photos, Mirrorless and Kickstarter PTSD

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TWiP 422 – Google Photos, Mirrorless and Kickstarter PTSD

As expected, Google have announced definitive plans to “end of life” their Google+ Photos product. This is NOT the new and a​mazing Google Photos ​product they just launched, but rather the legacy photos bit that was a part of its now “hospice located” Google+ social network.

On this show I take this opportunity to do a touch ­base with the panel to see how, and if they’re using the new Google Photos — and their overall perception of it.

And in the world of mirrorless, Panasonic have introduced a new flagship photographer’s camera, the GX8. You may note that their flagship camera targeted at v​ideo​professionals is the Lumix GH4. The GX8 shoots 4K video and photo, and has new, “first of it’s kind” 20.3 megapixel sensor, as well as other enhancements over its predecessor, the Lumix GX7. N​ote, no relation to this story, but Panasonic is a sponsor of this episode.

And a new company called Z Camera have introduced plans to build (via Kickstarter funding) the E1 — what they’re claiming will be the worlds smallest 4K­capable micro four­ thirds camera.

Here to discuss Google Photos, Panasonic Lumix GX8 and the Z Camera E1 — I’m joined by Lee Herbet from, Evgeny Tchebotarev from and Jefferson Graham — host and producer of USA TODAY's Talking Tech, and Talking Your Tech.

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