Trey Ratcliff is CRUSHING IT with CRYPTO!

In this episode, I chat with an old friend Trey Ratcliff. Trey is arguably responsible for popularizing the technique of using HDR to create hyper-realistic images. He’s now turning his attention to a brand new acronym… NFT! In this interview, we talk about how he was able to generate nearly $750k in 10-days by selling NFT versions of his HDR photography.

Website: http://www.stuckincustoms.com
NFT Collection: https://opensea.io/collection/beautiful-cities-trey-ratcliff

Trey Ratcliff

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  1. Hey – looks like you uploaded an older interview with Trey. This podcast is all about his book he published a year or two ago – no mention of NFT’s at all.
    Still a good podcast, but gimme some of that NFT wisdom please 🙂

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