The Full-Time Real Estate Photographer

In this interview, I'm joined by self-taught real estate Thomas Vargeletis. Thomas shares his journey to building and operating a highly successful photography business. He discusses how he automates his business, photography techniques, employee management, training, camera choices and more.

In his own words…

Tom is the founder and CEO of TV Photography, a Massachusetts based real estate photography and videography company. Tom got his start in real estate after his military service. Working as a real estate agent listing properties, Tom decided to start taking high-quality photos for his listings after a few bad experiences with local photographers.

After the long and tedious work of learning how to conduct a photoshoot, he realized that this wasn't just going to be for his listings alone.

When he knew that he was ready, Tom built his real estate photography business from scratch. Ever since building this 6-figure photography business, Tom has developed a passion for sharing lessons learned from the years of practical experience, training, and trial and error. Tom is the host of the Full-time real estate photographer podcast and author of the full-time real estate photographer book.

You can find the book by searching for its name, or “Thomas Vargeletis” on Amazon, and you can find the podcast here, or by searching the name on your favorite podcasting app.

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