The Diver & The Mermaid. Underwater Photography, with Brett Stanley

The Diver & The Mermaid features an amazing collaboration between underwater photographer Brett Stanley, professional mermaid Hannah Fraser, commercial diver Joshua Myers, and documentary maker Justin Lutsky.

The team set out to photograph diver Joshua in an original World War II-era dive suit, complete with an authentic brass helmet. Add to that, the wonderful mermaid Hannah, in frigid 60º degree water near California's Catalina Island.

Their mission? To tell the story of a treasure-seeking diver who meets his fate deep below the surface.

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About Brett Stanley:

Brett Stanley
Brett Stanley

Brett is renowned for his creative underwater portrait work and has made a name for himself as an innovative photographer pushing the boundaries of this niche genre. He specializes in creating unique underwater sets for his clients to play in, stretching the imaginations of his viewers, and challenging the technology available to bring these worlds to life – even to the point of manufacturing his own equipment to complete the task. His images have been seen and published worldwide, in magazines and album covers, and even a few awards.

As an underwater performance coach, Brett knows how to get the best out of people when they are in the water – even those who have never performed below the surface before, and those who might not know how to swim! His patience and calm nature help to bring a peace to the set, creating an environment where the work is not rushed but polished.

Whilst Brett is known for his photographs, he works just as well as a cinematographer – bringing his creative eye and smooth sweeping motions to the moving picture. He is comfortable on any size project and is more than happy to lead the creative or to be a part of the team – it’s all part of creating something amazing!

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