The Creativity Conference

This week I chat with futurist and filmmaker, Maxim Jago. We discuss his latest project, The Creativity Conference, taking place January 22nd – 24th.

It's a completely free virtual event featuring 90 presentations, 67 speakers, 7 panels, and 3 keynotes! And it's completely free. You'll discover whom he built this conference is for, and peek inside the elusive world of creativity — what is it? How do you know if you have it? How do you use it?

About Maxim Jago

Maxim Jago
Maxim Jago

Maxim Jago speaks internationally, and offers consultancy as a futurist, predicting trends and focusing attention on contemporary technologies and social developments that are likely to have a major impact in the short, medium, and long term.

Maxim's new book, exploring emerging trends in the next ten years, published by IEEE-USA is now available HERE.

Maxim proposes an optimistic-realistic outlook, with the benefits coming up from autonomous robotics, true A.I., socio-economic changes thanks to cryptocurrencies, smart contracts, and sovereign identity projects, wide-area crowdfunding, and environmental control leading to a new era of potential for the human race.

About the conference

How do you find that state of mind? That lightning strike of inspiration for your creative flow? Kickstart the new year with 90 amazing presentations by over 60 world-class creative speakers who will share their insights, approaches to creativity, and life lessons to give you new inspiration and energize your creative work.