The Art of the Headshot, with Peter Hurley

In this interview I sit down with headshot photography pioneer Peter Hurley. Peter and I discuss his approach to creating his style of headshots, including equipment, psychology, and business.

About Peter Hurley

Peter Hurley

Peter Hurley is a world-famous photographer, an official partner of Canon and B&H Photos, and is the creator of Headshot Crew, the world’s largest team of headshot and portrait photographers. Peter authored The Headshot – an in-depth book on the importance of a proper headshot and how to take the best shots possible.

Peter has been featured on Fstoppers, Popular Photography, and has also participated in TEDx Talks. Peter has recently launched the first-ever photography-inspired NFT collection, Shabangrs. The 2500-piece collection was created in honor of photographers and creatives around the world who haven't gotten much attention from the NFT space.

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