Visual Momentum: The Art of Phototherapy, with Nina Robinson

In this interview, I speak with photographer Nina Robinson. We discuss her journey of discovery with her project “Phototherapy”, and how it resulted in growth in her elderly subjects as well as personal growth within herself.

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About Nina Robinson

Nina is a documentary photographer and educator based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. She covers stories in the American South, Midwest, and on the East Coast.

Her work is a mixture of my past experiences, bridging documentary, personal, and fine art. She began her photographic career shooting for The Reporter in Vacaville, CA. Going freelance she had the freedom to pursue her interest in visual storytelling and portraiture, often photographing musicians and music groups. Her current work has a strong focus on underrepresented communities, aiming to break the visual prejudices of race, class, age, and gender.

Her clients include Netflix, New York Times, National Geographic, A+E Networks, Harper’s Magazine, The Atlantic, Manhattan Magazine, Backstage Magazine, Novo Foundation, David and Lucile Packard Foundation. My work has been featured in American Photo, TIME Lightbox, Lens Culture, New York Times Lens Blog, and Wall Street Journal.

She has exhibited at the Bronx Documentary Center, the Bronx Museum, New York City Center Theater, Museum of Contemporary African Diasporan Arts, Photoville, and Mosaic Templars Cultural Center, a museum dedicated to telling the story of the African American experience in Arkansas. She was one of three photographers awarded the Getty Instagram grant in 2017, as well as awarded a reporting grant from The Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting. In 2015 she developed a Photo-Therapy program at the William Hodson Senior Center in the Bronx, where, through the use of photography, older residents were able to openly explore personal and social issues.

She continues to teach visual/social workshops similar to this throughout the US.

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