TechNicki Speaking, Nicki Sun is Unstoppable

In this interview, my friend, host, and content creator Nicki Sun joins the podcast. She's a full-time Nerd, a professional hype-woman, and blinding light in the tech industry.

We had a delightfully meandering conversation covering artificial intelligence, online courses, feet(!), freezing embryos, and more! You may want to listen to this episode twice!

About Nicki Sun

Nicki is an on-camera personality and freelance producer, director, cinematographer, editor, content strategist, and editor passionate about people, filmmaking, and technology. She was recently selected by Samsung to shoot a mini-documentary during COVID, which marked her directorial debut, and has launched TechNicki Speaking (a play off of ‘technically speaking’), as a tech and filmmaking channel, resource and website catered to beginning content creators, while also spotlighting women and filmmakers of color.

Nicki Sun
Nicki Sun

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