James Anthony and his Hollywood Shutter

In this interview, I sit down with Los Angeles, California-based photographer, James Anthony. James' career is on fire in tinsel-town. He has been photographing some of the most talented and iconic celebrities on the planet while also remaining genuine, approachable, and humble. We talk about some of his adventures in LA, from covering star-studded events to making celeb street portraits. 

As an Adobe Ambassador, James is heavily involved with Adobe's LifeReflected project. We discuss the goals of that important effort and how people can get involved with it.

About James Anthony

Originally from New York City, James Anthony is a Mass Communications Bachelors Degree Alum from Savannah State University and a former competing track & field athlete that still trains today! After honing his photography, animation, and video production skills in the big apple he expanded his career to Atlanta, GA. There, James cultivated his photography skills shooting fashion spreads and cover shoots for global brands and magazines. James Anthony's photographs are clean and alluring, which has led to his booming success in the fashion and entertainment industries.

His works have been showcased in global publications and campaigns and his career keeps him traveling the world shooting models, celebrities, editorial spreads, and campaigns.

He is also the world-renowned creator of #JamesShootsandDraws, a captivating and award-winning original and viral concept by James with millions of views and fans.

Please visit the Adobe site to learn more about James’ work with Adobe #LifeReflected, a digital photo album that shows how we are more connected than different.

Find James on all the popular social channels as @IAJAMESANTHONY or on his website.

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