Specialization and Storytelling in Photography, with Deevo Tindall

In this episode, creator Deevo Tindall and I discuss the art of specialization and storytelling and why its importance can sometimes be overlooked. We cover his approach to dynamic experiences for his clients resulting in priceless imagery.

About Deevo Tindall

Deevo is a thought leader, problem solver, and serial entrepreneur who has been involved in photography and videography since 2003. In 2018 he shifted his business to strategy and consulting for small and mid-sized businesses, helping them create conscious and impactful content for their brand.

As a paid speaker, Deevo is known for his ability to connect with his audience and deliver pragmatic, sensible solutions to business challenges. He hosts A Little Impolite, a popular podcast featuring guests from all walks of life.

Deevo's unique perspective and ability to see the big picture have made him a sought-after content strategist and visionary. His visual intuition led him to be celebrated as a photographer and videographer. Whether helping businesses reach their potential or capturing special moments on film, Deevo's passion is evident in all he does.

Site: http://www.FusionPhotographyStudio.com
IG: https://www.instagram.com/fusionphotog

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