Sigma’s World-Class Glass!

Inside Sigma's Secret Sauce

In this interview, I dive into the world of Sigma lenses with Jack Howard, PR and Content Manager at Sigma Corporation. We discuss the price/quality issue when comparing 3rd-party lenses to OEM glass. We also discuss Sigmas's philosophy around crafting optics, and how things have changed over the years.

About Jack (in his own words…)

I'm a lifelong photographer. My first “real camera” was a Ricoh KR-30SP a gift from my parents at age 15. I still have it sitting on my desk. 

Early influences were all the National Geographic World Magazines, Ranger Rick type titles my mom subscribed me to, and slightly later, the Thrasher and Transworld Skateboarding magazines of the mid to late '80s. My friends and I started our own ‘zine, which a couple of local shops distributed to.

My father was a lifelong photographer and taught me a tone along the way. I have never taken a photo class, all was learned from practice, books, magazines, and online. Studied History, English, American Studies at Rutgers University. Didn't want to study photographer b/c I both thought I would teach myself and would get disinterested if I pursued a degree, and I wanted it to always be a hobby or side skill. I wanted to learn how to think, how to see, how to synthesize information, and how to write on a variety of topics. 

I was on a path to go to grad school for an academic path when I first saw Photoshop. It was amazing and I was hooked. It was everything I ever wanted to do in the darkroom but even better.

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Other random “Jack” facts:

Ansel Adams, Ann Geddes, Gary Fong, Annie Leibowitz, and Jack Howard…  what’s the connection?   Photographers who have made “Guest appearances” in “What the Duck” comic strip.

Of all the things I’ve been able to do because of a camera, flying in a Blimp is generally the one that garners the most follow-on questions, and that most people wish they could experience.