Sight, Sound, and Taste in Photography, with Calvin Hu

In this episode, I explore a different perspective of photography with a culinary photographer who's also pursuing a graduate degree in music! What happens when these two artistic disciplines collide?

About Calvin

Calvin Hu

Growing up on Golden Curry and California rolls, San Francisco native Calvin Hu first got into photography as a way to document the home-cooked meals his mom would make growing up. After moving to Los Angeles and then to New York to pursue a graduate degree in music, Calvin began exploring different urban areas, capturing delicious moments and sidewalk snapshots on the weekends away from the piano.

For Calvin, “similarly to music, when it comes to photography, consistency is key. And, if it’s something that you love it’ll always find its way back to you in some way, shape, or form.” For a feed that’s good enough to eat, follow @thecalvinhu on Instagram.

Adobe Rising Stars

Calvin is one of Adobe's 2021 Rising Stars of Photography. The annual Rising Stars program highlights up-and-coming photographers, each of whom will have the opportunity to take over Lightroom's Instagram page.

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