Powering Metaverse Commerce, with Bitski

In this interview serial entrepreneur, Donnie Dinch and I discuss Bitski, his latest venture — powering the commerce layer for metaverse environments. We discuss what new capabilities and opportunities the NFT and blockchain technology will bring, as well as some of the darker things that may show up. This is an honest discussion about the reality and inevitable future, powered by and secured with the blockchain.

About Donnie Dinch

Donnie Dinch

Designer turned CEO Donnie Dinch leads Bitski to create an infrastructure that connects virtual worlds – whether they’re games, social platforms, or brand experiences – across the metaverse via NFTs.

Not only does Bitski allow creators and brands to create and sell NFTs in only three clicks, but they also made it easy for customers to purchase NFTs with a credit card – no prior crypto exchange is needed.

Before Bitski, Donnie founded the music technology company WillCall which was acquired by Ticketfly.

Donnie then oversaw the Consumer Product team there to contribute to Pandora’s $450M acquisition of the company.

Donnie believes that NFTs unlock an imaginative, new design space for interacting with digital content – ultimately impacting how we use the internet, build communities and facilitate interoperability across the internet.

Donnie also is a member of Forbes’ 30 Under 30.


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