Photoshop Different, with Aaron Nace

In this episode, I'm joined by Aaron Nace of PHLEARN! We discuss some strong contenders to Adobe Photoshop!

About Aaron and Phlearn!

©Aaron Nace

Initially, PHLEARN was an enjoyable side-project designed to bring in some income to fund Aaron’s passion projects. As the years went on, those passion projects helped his style and vision coalesce. His formal education was grounded in practicality; industrial design is the art of form and function, often characterized by precision and clarity. In contrast, his unique perspective drove him to inject elements of the strange and imaginative. The resulting images exist somewhere in between high fashion and surreal fantasy.

With access to an instructor with such a distinct sense of style and warm personality, PHLEARN’s YouTube channel began to grow exponentially. PHLEARN inevitably grew out of Aaron’s North Carolina apartment and the company now calls Chicago home, taking up residence in a spacious studio overlooking the city’s iconic skyline.​

Now, with over 500 tutorials, PHLEARN has evolved into a massive resource for anyone aspiring to express their creativity whether it be personally or professionally. Aaron has also evolved from that of a pure creative to someone now responsible for the day-to-day growth and development of a thriving business. With nearly 1.5 million YouTube subscribers, the demands of curating new and challenging content for his students require the majority of his focus, though he still manages to find the time for the conceptual work that he loves.

Whether he’s working out a way to pull off some new bizarre image or he’s helping sculpt the direction of a company to ensure the happiness of its customers and employees, Aaron finds a way to make sure that his personal philosophy continues to resonate throughout everything that he does.

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