Photography Gear Innovation with Larry Tiefenbrunn at Photoville 2024

Larry Tiefenbrunn, the mastermind behind Platypod. Larry shares his journey from saving lives as a doctor to revolutionizing photography with innovative tools like the Platypod and Platyball in this engaging conversation. Discover how these game-changing products can transform your photography by easily capturing unique angles and tight spaces.

Watch as Larry provides a sneak peek into what’s next for Platypod, including an exciting new Kickstarter project. Don’t miss out on this exclusive look at the future of photography gear!

Stay tuned to learn more about Larry’s passion for photography, his experiences at Photoville, and why Platypod should be in every photographer’s bag. Visit and sign up for exclusive updates and discounts on their mailing list.


0:00 – Introduction to Larry Tiefenbrunn and Platypod
1:30 – The Inspiration Behind Platypod
3:00 – Overview of Platypod Products
4:30 – Upcoming Innovations and Kickstarter Sneak Peek
5:30 – Larry’s Experience at Photoville 2024
6:00 – Closing Remarks and How to Stay Connected with Platypod

Connect with Platypod:

• Website:

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