Photographing Protests and the Pandemic

In this episode, I speak with Alexis Hunley — a photographer based in Los Angeles, California. Recently she has found herself in the middle of intersecting world events — photographing Black Lives Matter protests and Trump rallies… all in a city that has been absolutely hammered by the COVID-19 disaster.

We talk about how she's able to separate the photography from the reality that is happening around her. Especially as a black person photographing BLM protests. Or as a black person documenting a chanting Trump rally… all while staying safe and healthy.

Alexis is a recipient of the Adobe Creative Residency Community Fund which is currently accepting applications for the next round of funding due March 1, 2021.

Connect with Alexis:

About Alexis, in her own words….

I started teaching myself photography at the end of 2017.

After my grandmother passed around the same time, I was grieving and feeling lost and was searching for a way to stay connected to her. She had always been the artist of the family. Taking photographs, developing film, sewing, laying tile – she did it all. She inspires me, artistically and emotionally to this day. In the midst of my grief and vulnerability, I found myself drawn to the healing power of the visual arts.

Propelled by my love for the interplay between science and art, I have always been endlessly fascinated by the power visual narratives wield when they are artfully connected to the psychological facts and figures that inspire action.