No-Drone Aerial Photography, with Paul Seibert

In this interview multidisciplinary photographer Paul Seibert discusses why he chooses to capture his stunning aerial images from traditional aircraft, versus using drones. We also discuss his planning process, gear choices, and post-processing workflow.

About Paul Seibert

Paul Seibert on the streets of NYC
©Paul Seibert

Paul is a freelance photographer with a specialization in aerial photography. He is in the final stages of publishing his first solo book “New York From The Air” with Rizzoli Books. In his career, Paul’s work has allowed him to work with brands such as CanonUSA, Statue of Liberty/Ellis Island Foundation, B&H Photo, MPB, Rebecca Minkoff, Eklund/Gomes Realty, Compass, Tropicana, and more.

One of Paul’s passion projects is to be an active, supportive member of the photographic/creative community anywhere he goes! He is now living in the greater Denver area working on his next publication concept

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