NFT and the Digital Diaspora, with Diana Sinclair

Diana Sinclair, an expert and influencer in the NFT space is a seventeen-year-old visual artist and curator based in New Jersey. Currently, she is focusing on her video portraiture and experimenting with new mediums. Her work chiefly focuses on identity and the social issues she’s surrounded by. Sinclair (b. 2004) has been engaging seriously in the arts since she was nine.

Diana Sinclair

She has since studied several different mediums at institutions such as SVA, NYU, and the Academy of Art University. In November 2020 she was selected as a YoungArts 2021 National Finalist in Photography. After joining the NFT space early in the year, she established herself as one of the youngest curators in the space by curating the global NFT exhibition “The Digital Diaspora” in June. This exhibit showed the weekend of Juneteenth at Superchief Gallery NFT in NYC, and has been covered by notable media like Teen Vogue, The Guardian, and helped place her on the Fortune Nifty 50 list of top influential people in NFTs.

Instagram: @dianaesinclair
Twitter: @dianaesinclair

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