Mask Like a Boss in Lumenzia and Photoshop!

This week it's a chat with Lumenzia creator Greg Benz. Now that Photoshop and Lightroom have masking superpowers, how do you take that capability to the next level? Greg talks about the origins of the Lumenzia, and how the introduction of the M1 processor has changed things.

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About Greg, in his own words…

I got hooked on photography back in 2000, when I was living in London for six months, and have been obsessed ever since.  These days I call Minneapolis home but continue to travel the world in search of incredible cityscapes and landscapes.

My goal is not just to create art, but to connect with other photographers to share the vision, tools, and technique behind my work.  I don’t believe I’ve ever found a camera that automatically captures the beauty of the world I see, so I use Lightroom, Photoshop, luminosity masking, or HDR for nearly all of my images.  These topics can seem intimidating, so my goal is to help make them a bit simpler through the tools and tutorials that I share.

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