Growing Your Photo Business, with Dixie Dixon

In this chat, the fabulous Dixie Dixon joins the show to give a candid and revealing look at how she was able to build her business into a world-class, respected photography brand. We discuss the nuances of bidding large projects, marketing, and live on the set.

Dixie Dixon has always been inspired by the allure, magic, and unique challenge of creating fashion photography. as one of the sixteen original Nikon ambassadors in the United States, Dixie has spent the last decade bringing creative visions to life for brands, ad agencies, fashion/commercial clients as well as educating others about the latest cutting-edge photography techniques and technology.

Dixie Dixon

Texas born-and-bred, she has followed her passion around the world, shooting in locations such as Cannes, Toronto, Vancouver, New York, Miami, Los Angeles, Brazil, Ibiza, and Barcelona. Most recently, she released her new book “Fashion and Lifestyle Photography”. from finding your vision to building your dream team, this book will provide you with the essential gear and know-how to capture the looks of the media world that leap off the page or screen.

Dixie brings a wildly positive energy to the set that creates a one-of-a-kind experience for her clients, inspires her dream team of colleagues, and earns the business of some of the most exclusive brands in the world.

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