Frederick in Paris

Street Photography in Paris, Oui?

I'm very much looking forward to joining my friend Valérie Jardin at her upcoming street photography workshop in Paris! I've been looking for a reason to go hang out in Paris for some time now, so when Valérie suggested I tag along on this fantastic adventure, I immediately said “um, yes!”.

This will be the first international trip on which I will NOT bring a DSLR. I will be nicely equipped with my Panasonic Lumix GX7 and Lumix GM1 mirror-less cameras, along with a nice spread of lenses. While in the city I plan to put this gear to the test. I'll be capturing not only street photography, but also HDRs, panoramas, portraits, time-lapse sequences and more. It's gonna be a blast!

In Valérie's own words…

In Paris, life happens on the streets, and that's where you will be, making your own iconic images.

You will learn how to see and capture gesture and expression as you practice street photography in the same streets where the masters of the genre made their iconic images. Our daily walks will also be the perfect stage to fine tune your photographic story telling ability. Learn to see and frame details in architecture and daily life that make a place unique while thinking ‘outside the postcard'.

Join me for the photographic and cultural trip of a lifetime to one of the most photogenic cities in the world – Paris!

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