Diversity in Photography

In this interview, Keren Sachs, founder, and CEO of The Luupe, joins the podcast to discuss diversity (or the lack thereof) in the photography industry. Particularly when it comes to prejudices and biases relating to gender, personal identity, and sexuality.

Keren and I have an open discussion about the state of things today, and wherewith initiatives like TheLuupe.com — things may evolve to in the future. TheLuupe.com is a platform connecting women and non-binary photographers with leading brands to make great work. We encourage you to also check out their blog for conversations and stories on creative women.

Keren has spent her career working across the content industry and championing artists' careers. She has served as an advisor to companies globally with a focus on content licensing, business development, and international growth. Previously, Keren was the Director of Content Development for Shutterstock, where she co-created Offset. Keren began her career as Photo Editor for National Geographic Kids and went on to work for The Wall Street Journal, Corbis, Williams-Sonoma, and Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia. Keren regularly speaks on gender and authenticity in imagery.

Cover image by Jasmine Durhal:

A diverse group of women.
©Kate Rentz

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