Covering your Assets with Drobo

an interview with Drobo CEO Mahir Shah

Mihir Shah, CEO of Drobo joins me to discuss storage solutions for photographers and their new Drobo 5N2 — a network-attached storage device that essentially becomes your own personal DropBox.

Mihir is the CEO and member of the Board of Directors of Drobo, Inc., a leading edge data storage company for consumer/prosumers and small/midsize businesses. As the CEO of Drobo, Mihir and his team have doubled quarterly revenues 50% and achieved profitability for the first time since the company’s inception which was in 2005. Mihir also serves on the Board of Directors of Enact Systems, Inc, a leading vertical SaaS company focused on the renewable energy industry.

Resources mentioned:

  • $50 Discount on ANYTHING in the Drobo Store – use the code “TWIP50”
  • DroboPix – Automatic upload of your mobile phone images to your Drobo
  • DroboAccess – Your own personal (and secure) DropBox-like storage

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