Changing Reality, with Skylum CEO Alex Tsepko

Skylum CEO Alex Tsepko on the potential of artificial intelligence in photography, and the future of Skylum. We have a candid and frank conversation about competition, features, and his overall philosophy and vision for Skylum.

Grab a copy of Luminar 4 here.

We discuss:

  • Possible rebrand to “Luminar”
  • Explosive growth – 3X!
  • Sky replacement updates
  • Layer free object-oriented post-processing driven by AI
  • Adobe as an ally or competition?
  • How does Luminar fit in with other workflows (Adobe, Capture One, Affinity Photo)
  • Luminar wants to help “change reality”.
  • When will we see mobile versions?
  • Will Skylum develop audio and video apps?
  • Future of Skylum

Face enhancement examples

Sky replacement examples

Grab a copy of Luminar 4 here.

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