In this interview I discuss stock photography with seasoned photo industry veteran and creative director Brenda Milis. Brenda serves as the Principal of Creative Services and Visual Trends for Adobe Stock. She spearheaded the recently released 2019 Adobe Stock Visual Trends forecast, which aims help photographers and creatives understand what is resonating in this intensely visual age.

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About Brenda Milis

Brenda Milis is the Principal of Creative Services and Visual Trends for Adobe Stock. She leads a group that services the visual needs of top enterprise clients and identifies visual trends to identify where consumer interest is growing.

Brenda has worked for a large variety of editorial brands among which are WSJ magazine, Bloomberg Pursuits, Time magazine, Marie Claire, and Men’s Health magazine. She also launched and served as the founding photo editor of Style.com and before coming to Adobe, served as the Executive Director of Photography at Refinery29, leading both the editorial and branded photo teams.

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