A Look Inside Wonderful Machine

In this episode I speak with Bill Cramer, the man behind Wonderful Machine. An agency that works to connect photographers worldwide with the firms looking to hire them. They facilitate hiring talent from all corners of the globe while ensuring that talent get's paid a great wage and that the hiring company receives world-class work.

About Bill Cramer and Wonderful Machine:

Bill Cramer

Bill is founder and CEO of Wonderful Machine, an art production agency with a network of 600 photographers around the world. In addition to connecting photographers and clients, his 38 staff members provide branding and marketing services for photographers and they produce photo shoots for agencies and brands. They're based in suburban Philadelphia.

After graduating from Penn State in 1985, Bill spent the first few years of his career working as a photojournalist, covering news and sports for the Associated Press, The New York Times, and People Weekly. He then spent many years shooting portraits for magazines including Forbes and Business Week, corporations like Comcast and Accenture, and institutions like Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and Drexel University, before founding Wonderful Machine in 2007.

Bill attended the first Eddie Adams Workshop in 1988, and he assisted many photographers, including fashion photographer Steven Meisel. In 1989, he assisted Bob Huntzinger on the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue.

He owes a lot of his success to what he learned from his engineer dad, from working the graveyard shift at IHOP, and from his junior high school shop teacher.


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