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Hosts: Martin Bailey, Bruce Clarke, Valerie Jardin

Episode Overview

This week on TWiP, Frederick is on assignment so the inmates are running the asylum with Martin Bailey at the helm. We’re discussing:

  • iStockPhoto boots one of it’s top contributors in the wake of the Getty/Google controversy
  • Flickr photos go public, Instagram on the Web, and 500px is back in the app store
  • A roundtable discussion on cloud solutions for photographers
  • Plus an interview with Ryan Stansky from Squarespace

Valerie Jardin and Bruce Clarke join Martin Bailey to discuss these topics and much more on this week’s episode of TWiP.

    Interview with Ryan Stansky from Squarespace

    This week Frederick sat down with Ryan Stansky from Squarespace to chat about how they were able to maintain 100% uptime during the recent Hurricane Sandy disaster in New York City. Frederick and Ryan also talk about WordPress vs Squarespace… and why you’d choose one or the other. Plus, Ryan reveals their newest feature – Commerce – which will allow Squarespace users to setup a webstore and sell items on their websites.

    Be sure to visit Squarespace’s website to learn more. You can also follow Ryan on Twitter or visit his website at

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    • Wouldn’t comparing SquareSpace to or WPEngine instead of be a fairer comparison?

      • Frederick

        Hi Doug, maybe… but considering all that Squarespace can do it’s more akin (IMO) to a self-hosted blog/site. is very limited in terms of customization options.

    • Jasmine

      Always enjoy Bruce Clarke episodes, but the best part of this episode was that Don Komarechka was not a host.

    • Matt

      A nice Don Komarechka free episode. My favorite.

    • Brad

      Good episode and Don Komarechka free as a bonus.

    • Bruce

      Any episode without Don Komarechka is a good episode.

    • Is the second part of the Squarespace interview coming soon? It wasn’t in the show.

    • I have recently had 2 of the USpeed Card Readers recommended. They both have had a very short life span. They each worked fine for a few weeks and then stopped working.

    • To get around high noon I have a couple cameras converted to Infra Red. The large amounts of IR in high sun hours produce fun images. So neat with white trees and grass with adjusted IR images!

    • Jeff

      Is there a place where we can download the TWIP podcast as audio file? The episode #294 is not downloading in iTunes

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    • Johnny B

      bring back Aaron Mahler sometime…. we need to hear from some advanced amateurs occasionally.

    • Jack

      Good thinking Johnny B. More Aaron Mahler and give Don Komarechka the boot.