TWiP #283 – Building creativeLIVE with Chase Jarvis

This week on TWiP, Frederick sits down for an interview with one of the masterminds behind creativeLive, Mr. Chase Jarvis! Chase and Frederick chat about his photographic beginnings and how he parlayed his online popularity into a 7.5 million dollar investment from Greylock Partners!

TWiP #268: A Happy Medium

This week on TWiP, Twitter co-founders launch "Medium," Canon's T4i rash issues cause a recall and the photo community wonders whether new Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer has really signed in to Flickr. Plus an interview with Photoshop expert Ben Willmore.

TWiP #266 – Aperture or Lightroom

This week - Where oh where is Aperture 4? Facebook likes Google+, an Olympic update... and Frederick chats with creativeLIVE's new marketing head, George Varanakis.