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Your Message, a Million Photographers.

The TWiP Network is one of the longest running and most successful photography podcast networks in the world! We have reached millions of enthusiastic photographers over the years via our network of shows, social media and our massive email list.

New for 2017, we have some tremendous advertising opportunities available on the network. We’ve vastly simplified our processes to increase ad effectiveness, the number of impressions, and to keep the focus on your marketing message.

Sponsorship Overview

  • Branded Ad Exclusivity – You OWN your category
  • Multiple Branded Ads – TWO ads in each episode
  • Brand Ambassador – An invitation to join us in a topic relevant TWiP episode
  • Email Promotion – Your banner in our “new episode” emails
  • Social Media Promotion – Your message exposed to our followers

  • Branded Product Area – Video demo area for your brand on TWiP website
  • Permanent Banner Ad – Drive web traffic to your website
  • Email Leads – Receive all leads captured in your Branded Product Area


Reach over 1,133,412 Photographers!


  • 11,000 Subscribers
  • 30,000 minutes watched per month

Google Plus



  • 360,000 photographers visit monthly


    • 80,000 ~ 90,000 episode downloads per week


      • ThisWeekinPhoto Page 9,000 likes
      • FrederickVan 3,500 Profile friends



Email List

      • Your brand messaging in each newsletter
      • Weekly emails to over 45,000 subscribers
      • Customized links to your landing pages


Branded Ad Exclusivity

Each show accepts only TWO advertisers per season, and only ONE advertiser per product category. This ensures our listeners are not distracted from your messaging. Also, your ad will never be placed in the same episode as your competitors — or any product in the same category as yours.

Your sponsorship locks in TWO customized placements per episode during the season. The exact number of sponsored episodes is determined based on your marketing needs. However, your ad will be inserted into no less than 12 episodes (3 months).

Billboard Ad Example

The first ad is placed at the beginning of the episode; we call this the “billboard”. It’s a short mention containing your messaging designed to expose your ad to listeners immediately.

This guarantees an ad impression, even if the listener doesn’t continue listening through the middle, or to the end of the show.

Long-Form Ad Example

The second and primary ad position is long-form — 60-120 seconds. This ad is inserted into the middle of the sponsored episode.


Plus Email Promotion

Graphics and links to your product will be included in each podcast announcement email during your sponsorship. Each of these emails will go out to our list, comprised of over 45,000 enthusiastic photographers.

Optional Campaign Components

Everything above, plus…

+ Permanent Branded Product Area

A permanent branded product area on our website. You can provide your own videos or other material, or we will produce a series of 6 product demo videos for you.

You can choose to have your podcast ads direct users to your Branded Product Area to get your leads “warmed up”, or direct them to your own product landing page, affiliate or tracking URL.

+ Permanent Banner Ads in Branded Product Area

This option also includes permanent banner ads in your product overview area.

+ Email Leads

This option also features the inclusion of an email lead capture form on your Branded Product Area pages. At the end of your sponsorship, you’ll receive all sign-ups in the form of a .CSV file.