TWiP School Launch and The 5DayDeal

Just a quick note to say THANK YOU and welcome to all of new students that have recently enrolled in the TWiP School. Just 2 days ago, we launched the school in conjunction with the 5DayDeal Video Creators Bundle (now underway), and I’m happy to report that so far over 1,000 new students have signed up! Wow.

TWiP 465 – Enter the Matrix

The worlds of Virtual Reality and art have collided thanks to Google’s newest app called Tilt Brush. Plus DJI releases its most powerful Drone yet. VR, 360 video, and augmented reality are the topics of this weeks episode.

TWiP 464 – Future to the Back

High­-end camera manufacturer Leica is at it again. Heading down the “less is more” path with regard to features, or lack thereof in its newest camera introduction. Plus Sony is working on a contact lens that will let you do more than see.

TWiP 463 – Oh Baby I Like it RAW!

ON1 software is set to release the first new camera raw processor in over a decade, with the introduction of their new Photo RAW processor. But can this new software compete with the established Camera RAW workflow pioneered by Adobe?

TWiP 462 – Get Real!

A photographer cries foul after seeing a Calvin Klein ad. Plus a new startup wants to DSLR your iPhone with a new grip and could optical zoom be coming to the next iPhone?

TWiP 461 – A 360 Look at 360 Video

GoPro focuses in on 360º video and away from from being solely a hardware manufacturer plus a first look at Nikon's KeyMission 360º camera. Plus scientists discover a way to store 10 Terabytes of data in a smear of DNA.

TWiP 459 – AlphaMirrorless Arrives

Frederick Van Johnson welcomes Andy Williams and Juan Pons, hosts of the new show AlphaMirrorless on the TWiP Network, to discuss the differences between Sony’s lack of a touchscreen, the various A7 models, lens options, and much more.

TWiP 458 – The Ugly Truth

After the terror attacks in Brussels, how much is “too much” reality when it comes to telling a story? Plus Google makes the Nik Collection free and Adobe introduces technology previews for Lightroom mobile.

TWiP 457 – Chasing Color

Instagram is changing its' algorithm for displaying photos - how will this affect photographers? Plus Apple announces a new iPad with sensors to automatically adjust the display based upon the ambient light conditions.

TWiP 456 – Please Shoot Responsibly

This week we discuss two cases of photographers shooting irresponsibly and ruining it for others. Plus Flickr makes its' Auto-Upload feature available to pros only & we look at the ongoing battle between Apple and the FBI over cell phone security.

TWiP 455 – A WPPI 2016 Round Up

Frederick discusses wedding and portrait photography with industry experts Sara France, Bruce Clarke, Craig Colvin, Joseph Linaschke and TWiP veteran Scott Bourne, at the WPPI conference.

TWiP 454 – All Shiny & Chrome

DxO announces new software updates to their “connected camera”, and the drone world's MVP, DJI aims for the fences with the Phantom 4 — a new, smarter, and “sense enabled” quadcopter.

TWiP 453 – Hot New DSLRs!

Pentax K-1 has features not found in other dSLRs. And Canon announces the 80D, along with some new glass and accessories.

TWiP 452 – The Constant of Change

Change is in the air as Google pulls the plug on Picasa & Google Glass. Plus KelbyOne lays off several big names in photography education and a photographer sells a photo of a potato for 1.5 million.

TWiP 449 – Presets! Good, Bad, or Lazy?

Photo agency Corbis has been sold by Bill Gates to Visual China Group. Plus Canon's new marketing experiment called the Lab & a discussion about presets. Are they good, bad, or lazy?

TWiP 448 – Fujifilm’s X-Factor

Fuji announces the X-Pro2 and E-ES2. GoPro slashes 7% of its workforce after action camera sales drop. Plus, is celebrity photographer Tyler Shields inspired by…or copying other artists?

TWiP 447 – CES 2016 Round Up

This week we look back at CES 2016 & round up the biggest photography announcements from the show. Plus Kodak announces the return of the Super 8 film camera.

TWiP 446 – France Bans Skinny

This week we preview CES 2016. Plus France is looking to pass legislation to ban skinny models from photoshoots and we take a look at DJI's new headquarters in China.