TWiP #282 – How to Build a Social Media Following of 8 Million People

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Hosts: Frederick Van Johnson, Trey Ratcliff

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This week on TWiP:

Frederick Van Johnson sits down with Trey Ratcliff to discuss his remarkable rise to the top of the social media stratosphere. With over 8 million followers, Trey has found a way to “live the dream” – creating great photographs, running a successful and dynamic business, and living in the exotic location of his choice.

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  1. Frederick and Trey’s video conversation
  2. Frederick’s Essential Web Marketing for Photographers course
  3. Thomas Kinkade
  4. Social media management:
  5. Kevin Kelly’s book recommendation of Art & Fear - a book about the way that art gets made.
  6. Excerpts from Art & Fear
  7. The Four Hour Work Week, by Timothy Ferriss
  8. – hire people to do your tasks
  9. – the world’s largest marketplace for small services, starting at $5
  10. – a free social media platform for sharing all forms of digital content
  12. Trey’s publishing arm:
  13. Stuck On Earth – Trey’s free world travel guide

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