TWiP Talks 22: A Look Inside the 5 Day Deal

In this interview I dive deep inside the legendary 5DayDeal. On the surface it seems like a “too good to be true” bundle of training from some of the world's best photographers. So to help provide some transparency, I decided to get into a Skype session with the folks behind the deal and discuss how it all works.

In short, it’s a once-a-year promotion that offers you over $3,300 worth of photography training and resources for only $127 – until Sept 15, 2015 at noon PT.

A few of the products included in the bundle are:

  • Lightroom CC Complete Training + Lightroom Presets- Serge Ramilli
  • Landscape Photography Tutorial Series -Trey Ratcliff
  • The Created Image (vol 2) + The Inspired Eye 1-3 – David Duchemin
  • See University Tier 1 Membership – Jeremy Cowart

And many many more…

And available for the first time is a product from ME (Frederick Van Johnson) — The Photographer’s Time Travel Toolkit. The kit contains training on long exposures, time-lapse, crowd removal, and more.

The 5DayDeal team is also donating a portion of each purchase to great photography related charities like Jeremy Cowart’s Help Portrait. So far, they've raised over $70,000!

Learn more about the 5DayDeal charity efforts here:

Don’t procrastinate on this one — seriously. When the sale is over, the deal is gone. Until *maybe* next year. The 5DayDeal ends at noon Pacific on Tuesday September 15th.

About the guests:

Griffin Stewart – Also known as The Traveling Designer, Griffin is the co-founder of Photography eBook Reviews as well as this site. He is an award winning landscape & travel photographer who has visited more than 50 countries. He has worked with the BBC and has been featured by National Geographic and published by Ripley’s Publishing UK, The Royal Air Cadets and more.

Griffin's portfolio is at:

Valerie Stewart – Wife, traveler, cancer survivor and Christian. She enjoys spending time with friends and family and learning about culture and history in various cities around the world. Valerie is a social worker, but is enjoying working with the 5DayDeal team to bring photographers, like her husband, Griffin, great deals!

Valerie and Griffin's travel blog is at: