Street Focus 72: Cherie Does America

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This week my guest is Australian photographer Cherie McKay, she just completed a 6 week trip across the United States on her own and she talks about her adventure.

Cherie McKay
Cherie McKay

Melbournian to the heart, divorced mum of four boys, Cherie is an entrepreneur, photographer and writer.  She ventured into photography after spending over ten years in the corporate sector but quickly realised the world didn’t need another portrait photographer – instead the world needed beautiful camera bags specifically designed for women. 

Cherie went on and designed her own range of camera bags and founded the company SHUTTER|bag in 2009 and after establishing international distributors, Cherie sold SHUTTER|bag in 2013. 

Cherie is currently working on a book based on her popular short stories ( as well as managing her photography business The Memory Supply Co, but behind the scenes, she's trying to hatch a plan to incorporate more travel and street photography into her life.

Website –
 Escape Campervans USA


  1. What a great episode. Cherie has a new fan in me. I actually have a converted Polaroid Land Camera, and while I’ve handed them out for free at fairs and events, I’ve never considered charging for them. Perhaps I should…

    Thanks Valerie, and thanks Cherie for sharing your experience. When you come back…Spend more time in Texas…

  2. Great Podcast Valarie. Even if I did not enjoy photography it would still be great. So many Photo podcasts (at least the ones I have found so far) are all about the tech side. You showcase the human story of the photographer with a few tips blended in. – Always fun.

  3. Great episode. I would love to hear more about the way Cherie deals with PP her b/w images. I really like them a lot and the PP is not overdone I find.

    1. Thank you! I’m sure Cherie will be happy to answer your question if you contact her via her website.

  4. A really fascinating adventure, interview, stories, and photos!! I’m so grateful to you both for bringing this story to us… Cherie is incredibly open and wonderfully refreshing in her honesty and enthusiasm. Great show!

  5. I just finished listening to the show and really enjoyed it. Cherie certainly had a great story to tell, and you two seem to have great chemistry working together.

  6. This has been my favorite episode yet! As a beginner, I learn a lot from you and your guests, but Cherie was the first who made my fingers itch to pick up the camera and run outside. Thanks for the inspiration.