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Foundational Photoshop, Part 3 – Layer Masks

The basic function of a Layer Mask is simple. It’s the ability to reveal and conceal pixels between layers. Like wearing a Halloween mask, the face is covered, but the eyes show through. Think of the face as the bottom layer, and the Halloween mask as the top layer…

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How to Succeed with your Photography Blog

Most photographers struggle with the timing of their blog posts. They may not blog consistently, they may run out of steam with blogging, or they may forget their blog for a while. In this post you’ll discover several ways to get your posts done. Everything from planning, to scheduling, to broadcasting.

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Foundational Photoshop Part 2, Layers

In a typical class I like to make sure everyone understands the basics of selecting, layers, and masking within the first two class meetings. A teaching technique I find useful is to come up with analogies that help students wrap their brains around a basic concept.

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