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Sync Speed and Mirrorless Cameras

All About the Gear host Doug Kaye goes in-depth on a┬álistener question: “I have a question for the gearheads in…

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Starting To Show – What I Learned at my First Bridal Show

Bridal shows are a great place for wedding photographers to attract and find clients. TWiP contributor Patrick Reed recently participated…

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Foundational Photoshop, Part 3 – Layer Masks

The basic function of a Layer Mask is simple. It's the ability to reveal and conceal pixels between layers. Like…

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How to Succeed with your Photography Blog

Most photographers struggle with the timing of their blog posts. They may not blog consistently, they may run out of…

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Foundational Photoshop Part 2, Layers

In a typical class I like to make sure everyone understands the basics of selecting, layers, and masking within the…

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