TWiP Apps 12: Astropad; Make Your iPad Pro Astronomical

If you’ve ever tried to paint, draw, or retouch in an app like Photoshop using the mouse, then you know how cumbersome it can be. The drawing tablet is the long loved tool of professional image-makers allowing them to incorporate pressure, tilt, and natural hand movements into their work. Tablets though are expensive, and take some getting used to while you learn to paint here, but watch there. Tablets that allow you to paint directly on the screen are incredibly expensive — or at least they were, until now. If you own an iPad Pro and an Apple Pencil, then you’re just one app away from a whole new brushing experience.

TWiP Apps 11: younity; Younify Your Photos

Have you ever needed a photo on your iOS or Android device, but it was stored on your Mac or PC, and had no way to get to it? Whether you're on the other side of the house or the other side of the world, today's app, Younity, will allow you to find any photo, file, video or song on any of your computers from any of your mobile devices.

TWiP Apps 10: PhotoCard; Your Photos, Delivered

Today’s episode features a very special guest. It’s not every day that you get to sit down with one of the original developers of the Mac. The man who once wrote Quickdraw, MacPaint and Hypercard is now an avid photographer and app developer passionate about putting amazing quality prints in your hands, and the hands of your loved ones. PhotoCard is a simple app with a legendary back end — Bill Atkinson himself.

TWiP Apps 09: PhotoExtension; Extending Photos Back to the Basics

For all dynamic, colorful, exciting, and even sexy photo apps that you can put on your iOS device today, one thing is consistently lacking -- basic functionality. The ability to look up EXIF data, view a histogram, add a watermark or even scale an image is non existent in Photos for iOS. The app collection “Photo Extensions” by DigiGuys aims to correct that. A series of mini apps acting as share extensions allow you to do all this and more, adding some of the base functionality to Photos for iOS that you’ve been looking for.

TWiP Apps 08: It’s Priime Time to Find Your Photo Style

Today’s app, Priime, takes the combined knowledge and experience of dozens of professional photographers and assembles their looks into simple, one-tap styles that you can easily apply to your photos. Priime even analyzes your image and suggests styles that might fit your particular photo best. Designed by photographers FOR photographers, Priime is a deceivingly simple app that may very well change how you look at image editing on your iPhone… completely.

TWiP Apps 07: Fripito-ing Around the World

Do you spend the time before you travel to research the best locations for photos, what equipment you should or shouldn’t bring, plan how long it’ll take between locations to maximize your opportunities on the ground, and just ensure you won’t miss anything epic while there? Of course you… oh. No? Fripito is a photographer’s guide to some of the world’s most photogenic locations. A powerful iOS and Android app that lets you not only enjoy beautiful images from around the world, but also to see exactly where they were taken, read a description of the scene, and even learn the camera settings.

TWiP Apps 06: DxO OpticsPro 11; A PRIME Upgrade

In this episode of TWiP Apps, I welcome a very special guest and long time friend, Kirk Paulsen, from the company DxO. DxO has just released a major update to DxO Optics Pro, now at version 11, and in today’s show we’ll get a close-up look at what’s new and improved in this release, as well as talk about workflow and integration between Optics Pro and Lightroom, or whichever digital asset manager you use.

TWiP Apps 05: Polarr; Leaving Other Apps in the Cold

In this episode of TWiP Apps, Borui Wang from Polarr Inc joins me to discuss their incredible photo editing app; Polarr. Today we'll be looking at it on an iPhone, but not only does the app scale all the way up to the iPad Pro, Polarr also has a sister app on Mac OS X with near feature parity. Between the extensive editing tools, beautiful effects library, and innovative way to share presets, you'll soon see why Polarr is leaving other photo editing apps... in the cold.

TWiP Apps 04: Zither; The Final Word in Organization

Have you ever let the warranty lapse on a piece of gear that you *knew* needed repair… but were so busy that you forgot to send it in before the warranty expired? Or, have you ever needed the manual for something in your camera bag -- but didn’t have it with you? Zither is an app that solves these problems, and more.

TWiP Apps 03: Preset; Building your Own iOS Photo Presets

In today’s podcast, PhotoJoseph speaks with Venkat Rao, half of a two-person family run company that makes one very cool iOS app called Preset. Preset allows you to create your own recipes from an extensive collection of filters, both corrective and creative, to easily apply to your photos.

TWiP Apps 02: Perfectly Clear; A Retouching App You’ll Clearly Want

In this episode, PhotoJoseph talks to Levi Sim from, who came on to show us an app he represents, Perfectly Clear. This tool can speed up any photographer’s workflow by automatically enhancing almost any kind of images — including portraits — without taking them over the top.

TWiP Apps 01: ACDSee; The Photoshop and Lightroom Replacement You’ve Never Heard Of

In our inaugural episode, PhotoJoseph sits down with Adam and Tony from ACDSee — not the band, but the software company. Never heard of them? This company has been making a compelling alternative to Lightroom and Photoshop for a very long time, and as you’re about to see, ACDSee Pro and Ultimate 9 are packed full of features, including some you simply won’t find in apps from the big names.