The Future of TWiP! And Navigating the Future of Content Creation.

    Introducing a TWiP refresh, and a panel discussion about the future of content.

    From Radio to Photo: Steve Brazill’s Creative Journey

    Steve Brazill shares how his experiences in radio have influenced his approach to photography.

      TWiP PRO Photo Critique 69

      Frederick Van Johnson and Troy Miller review this weeks photo critiquer submissions.

      TWiP PRO Photo Critique 36

      Troy Miller and Frederick Van Johnson nit-pick the latest submissions to the TWiP PRO community!

      The Road Ahead for Photography Businesses, with Zenfolio

      Zenfolio shares the results of their important survey of COVID-impacted photography businesses.

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      On this episode of TWiP, it's our 200th episode and we've brought the band back together. This week, we catch…

      Photo Critique 175 – Window Light

      This week’s TWiP Community photo critique topic was WINDOW LIGHT.

      A Conversation with Matthew Jordan Smith

      In this interview, I'm joined by Matthew Jordan Smith. Matthew and I discuss how he is managing to continue to…

      TWiP 320 – Reflecting on Mirror-less

      This week we're back in a Google Hangout and Frederick is joined by Gordon Laing, Trey Ratcliff, Giulio Sciorio, and…

      TWiP 432: Facebook Gets Virtually Real

      Is 360 degree streaming video here to stay or just another shiny object to get distracted by? Plus Sony announces…