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Behind the Shot with Dana McMullen

danamcmullen_headshotDana McMullen is a Mercury and Icon Advertising Award winning Creative Director, Graphic Designer, and Photographer. Canadian born and raised, and now living in Southern California, Dana is primarily a Nature, Landscape, and Cityscape photographer.

His background in Creative Direction and Graphic Design aids him in creating stunning images, with a color and complexity rarely seen. Having worked for a global firm, Dana is the founder of the communications agency EvergreenCSD. As a photographer he his work has been seen in galleries, such as the Laguna Gallery of Contemporary Art, and Forest & Ocean Gallery in Laguna Beach, not to mention an appearance in the Newport Beach Art Exhibition. He has been published in NatGeo.com, Earth Justice Magazine and Big Bear Living.

His list of clients, past and present, includes Xanterra Parks and Resorts, Bloomingdale’s, BakerCorp and EGA Homes, Volkswagen, OfficeMax, Genuine Parts Company, Challenger and Shred-Tech.

Join me for this episode of Behind the Shot, as we take a look Out Of This World, and behind one of his amazing Milky Way shots, taken out at Joshua Tree National Park.

Dana’s Work

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2 thoughts on “Out of this World”

  1. Having been to Joshua Tree many times, I was amazed to see this shot of the Milky Way by Dana McMullen. I’ve since tried to recreate this with a Sony A7s, but have not been successful. I think there is more than just a little luck going on here.

  2. Hey @nelsdrums:disqus,

    First of all, thanks so much for listening. I agree. Dana has some Milky Way shots that are amazing, and I say that keeping in mind there are many great Milky Way shots, but he seriously is one of my faves. He has one shot over Half Dome that is so good it makes me want to put my camera away.

    Again, Thanks!