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Hosts: Alex, Ron, Joseph, & Fred


House Season Finale Shot entirely with Canon 5D mkII
May 17, folks. That’s the date when the grumpy doctor you wish you were and the snazzy camera you wish you owned will join forces on American network television. The final episode in this season’s run of House has been shot exclusively using Canon’s 5D Mark II , and the show’s director Greg Yaitanes has been taking questions about the experience on Twitter. Here is another link about the subject.

Alex mentioned that the Canon gives them great depth of field and can go places that big film cameras can’t. Since the cameras are smaller and lighter, they can shot for longer periods than with film cameras.

ASMP, Other Trade Groups Sue Google
The American Society of Media Photographers and other trade groups representing visual artists have announced they are filing a class action lawsuit against Google to prevent the search engine company from copying, scanning or displaying copyrighted photos and other visuals in printed publications without permission.

For several years, Google has been working with various libraries to scan certain books and magazines, and make them accessible to the public for free. ASMP was joined by the Graphic Artists Guild, the North American Nature Photographers Association, the Picture Agency Council of America, and the Professional Photographers of America. Other plaintiffs include several individual photographers and illustrators. The group is filing suit today in US District Court in Manhattan. “It’s not that we are burying our heads in the sand and fighting what Google is doing, per se. We want our photographs to be used,” says ASMP Executive Director Eugene Mopsik. “The issue is, we want to be fairly and reasonably compensated for those uses, and we want to be part of the discussions which establish the system or mechanism by which those payments or fees are established. We don’t want those set by the publishers or Google.” The lawsuit is similar to a 2005 class action suit by the Author’s Guild over the Google Library Project. That lawsuit was to prevent Google from scanning and displaying copyrighted books from various library collections without permission from authors. The two sides reached a $125 million settlement agreement last fall that is pending final approval of the judge. (The case was heard in the same federal court where the ASMP has filed its suit.) ASMP and others filed a motion last year to join the Author’s Guild lawsuit, but the judge in that case–Denny Chin–rejected their request. He told the visual artists that the Author’s Guild lawsuit was primarily about text, not visual content. “The judge rebuffed us, and said if we wanted standing, we had to file our own suit,” Mopsik says.

Survey Results: PDN’s 2010 Assistants Survey
Photography assistants have been hard-hit by the recession, and many of them find the work physically demanding and thankless, according to the results of our 2010 Photo Assistants survey. But assistants soldier on primarily for the one reason they always have: the opportunity to learn as much as they can on the way to becoming photographers themselves.


Frederick: How do you describe Woopra?

John: Woopra is a real-time monitoring solution for your website. It changes the way you interact with your website.

Frederick: If I have Google Analytics on my website, why do I need Woopra?

John: Google Analytics lets you see tomorrow what was happening with your website yesterday. Woopra, instead of showing what was happening tomorrow, allows you to watch real time. There is a WordPress plug-in that lets you track your visitors by name.

John gives his tips on how to draw visitors to your website. You can find the “Win or Die” video here.

John’s article: How I’d Hack Your Weak Passwords

Some tips for photographers uploading their photos so they can be found with a Google search and to drive traffic to their site:
1. If you upload photos to a gallery, write a description of the photos and include keywords.
2. Rename every picture’s filename from “img123.jpg” to something like “golden-retriever.jpg”
3. If you upload photos to a WordPress blog, add a title to the photo; rename the filename; and fill in the “alt text” field.
4. You can load your images on Flickr and link back to your blog.

Frederick: What about the photographers that are using flash-based websites?

John: Don’t! I can’t look at those photos on my iPhone so you automatically eliminated millions of people. You also made it nearly impossible to be found by Google since they can’t search Flash. His tip is if you do use flash, also display the images on the same page and include the descriptive file names and alternate text so Google can find them. (Note: This does not work if your website is totally flash-based.)

Frederick: Will HTML5 help (replace flash content) on the web?

John: Yes, HTML5 will help but it’s not there yet.

Frederick: What is your one tip to photographers after they followed your photos tips?

John: Social media, social media, social media: Twitter and Facebook. Among all social networking sites, Facebook drives over 52% of the traffic to sites. On the other hand, MySpace drives 0% of the traffic. You need to use Woopra or some other analytics tool to monitor the traffic to your site if you want to improve.

You can find John by Googling “John P”.


Q: Listener Scott Cookenmaster writes: I have a Nikon D5000 and I just purchased the Eye-Fi Pro X2 8GB card. Will this card be as fast as my SanDisk Extreme 30MB/s card? Do you have any experience using this with a Verizon MiFi? My plan was to snap a picture, upload it to Mobile Me and then view it on the iPad. Thoughts?

A: Joseph answers: I don’t know about the SanDisk Extreme but my guess would be no. I don’t have experience with the Verizon MiFi. I don’t have a Nikon camera but I’ve played with the Eye-Fi card. It does work but I didn’t try Mobile Me because it doesn’t have very good iPad experience (can’t see the photos full screen). Same thing with Flickr, Picasa, SmugMug — not a good experience viewing on the iPad. Then I remembered that SmugMug had an iPad app. The iPad app does show the images full screen. I shot a couple photos and loaded them with the Eye-Fi and it took about a minute and an half to show up on the iPad (from SmugMug). The second photo didn’t show up on the iPad because I can’t figure out how to tell the iPad to refresh the screen.


Alex: Sima video bracket.
Joseph: Honl Light Modifiers
Ron: Website for adding word balloons to a photo.
Frederick: SmugMug iPad application


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