TWiP Family 76: Jenna Shouldice on Documenting the Birth Process

jennabioI’m sharing my interview with Jenna Shouldice on documenting the birth process. Jenna is a documentary photography and mother of an adorable 11 month old. I was introduced to her work while watching Kirsten Lewis on Creative Live. Jenna joined Kirsten to talk about birth photography.

On today’s show we start by talking about her birth photography. It’s a topic I usually find irresistable and it’s even more so at this moment being just a few months away from giving birth myself. We also talk about why Jenna enjoys documentary photography, and how watching and photographing other families has given her perspective with her own little girl. Jenna talks about capturing moments that are hard in a beautiful way, how she and her husband work together and what she loves about the workshops she does with Kirsten Lewis.

Jenna’s Instagrams: One, Two, Three

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