TWiP Family 75: Learning to Speak the Language of Photography

Valley Forge Hike

This week’s show is a conversation with photographer Garen Marguerian about learning the language of photography. Garen has posted photos daily in the TWiP Family 365 Project group on Flickr along with other listeners this year. The topic of feedback and criticism comes up in the group discussions from time to time. I loved what Garen had to say about both giving and receiving feedback and wanted to hear more.

Garen talks about the ways he’s learned to speak the language of the image. First he learned from brutally honest Flickr groups, then a local group of photographers and the Arcanum. We talk about the vulnerability of both the person sharing their image for feedback and the person who is giving feedback.

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  1. As always another terrific podcast Jenny! I have enjoyed Garen’s work these past 11 months of the 365 Project so it was a treat to listen in and learn a bit about his photographic journey.

  2. Hi Jenny, this was another great show! Garen mentioned a couple of resources, but I couldn’t quite catch the names. A 52 project book was one. Would you mind posting the title? I’d like to check it out. Thanks so much!