TWiP Family 74: Danielle Hatcher – Inspired by Light

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bio-picThis week on TWiP Family it’s an interview with Danielle Hatcher. Danielle is a mother, teacher and photographer. She loves photographing families in their homes. Danielle tells us about how a rejection early in her photography journey stung at first and then inspired her to be a better photographer. We also talk about how she made the transition from from photographing families outside in parks to inside their homes.

Danielle lives in California and the homes she often photographs in are well lit. It sounds like a photographer’s dream. Danielle tells us what she likes about the plentiful flat light in the homes and how it has helped her be more creative in her work. We talk about different kinds of light – flat light, directional light and backlight. We discuss the what each kind of light is and how best to use it when photographing families.

If you’d like to learn more about how Danielle works, she teaches a workshop through the Click Photo School – Life Inside – In-Home Lifestyle Photography.

More about Danielle: Website, Instagram, Facebook

More about Jenny: Website, Flickr, Instagram, Facebook

365 Project

Danielle and I talked about her 365 that she didn’t finish but she still learned from it. Since January 1, 2016, I’ve been posting photos daily along with an amazing group of TWiP Family listeners. You can see my project and the 365 projects of other TWiP Family listeners in theTWiP Family 365 Project 2016 group on Flickr. It’s not too late to start a project or start thinking about starting on in 2017.

Back on Episode 56 with Simon Ringsmuth, we talked about the value of a photo blog. Since then, I’ve been thinking about starting to write on a blog like I used to do. This week, I finally got around to doing that. You can see the one recent post at Familiar Light.

Do you have a family photography question? A guest suggestion or topic you’d like to hear about on this family photography podcast? You can contact me on the TWiP Family Facebook page and join theTWiP Family Facebook group or send an email to jenny@familiarlight.com

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