TWiP Family 73: Patrick Moreau on Telling Remarkable Stories

5patrick003-3-copyIn this week’s interview with Patrick Moreau, we talk about telling remarkable stories. Patrick is co-founder of Stillmotion. He’s won Emmy’s, worked with big companies like Apple, Canon, and Toyota as well as the NFL, and made a documentaries like one about a nine year old girl who sold lemonade to fight child slavery. And, he created Muse Storytelling to help people tell their stories in a way that will move them and lead them to action.

My question for Patrick: how do we make family movies that aren’t boring?Patrick talks about the four pillars of storytelling: person, place, purpose and plot. Patrick says if we take time before we begin shooting to think about the story we can take less photos or video footage that comes together more quickly and means more to the people who watch it.

If you want to make family movies that are fun to make and interesting to watch, Patrick suggests Smartphone Storyteller by Grant Peelle. Head over and sign up to get the details when the course launches. Mention TWiP Family podcast for 50% off the course.


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