TWiP Family 53: Kevin Mullins

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Kevin-MullinsThis week’s guest is Kevin Mullins. A documentary wedding photographer, Kevin also photographs families in the same style. I first heard him on Street Focus with Valerie Jardin.

One day, Kevin read an article about wedding photography and decided he wanted to be a wedding photographer. Had he been taking photos for years and years? Nope. He didn’t know much about photography but that didn’t stop him. He’s got a great story of getting into photography business in an unconventional way and photographing weddings in an unconventional way too.

In our conversation, we talk about the approach he takes to both weddings and family photography. He photographs the event from the inside out and the last thing he wants to do is stop a moment from happening because he’s there to take photos.

Kevin talks about why using small Fuji cameras suits the way he photographs weddings. Wedding guests don’t realize he’s the photographer because he’s got little cameras and is unobtrusive. He can get right up close to the action without distracting people. He shoots jpegs. You read that right. We talk about why he does and also about which Fuji camera he recommends for parents.

Kevin tells us about the photos he makes of his own family and about this gift he made for his wife.

We also talk about how he started his business and what he’s done to make it work. He recommends the books The 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing and The 22 Immutable Laws of Branding and says most of business is common sense.

More about Kevin: Website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

We all want to be better photographers. And, it takes practice. That’s what I’m doing this year along with an warm, funny and kind group of TWiP Family listeners. Join us on Flickr.

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