TWiP Family 046: Your Gear Questions with Paul Friedman

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On this episode: your gear questions with Paul Friedman. I spoke with Paul on episode 42 about his camera and lens rental company, Lens Pro To Go. I asked you for your questions about gear and you sent them in. (Thank you!)

Our first question was from Anandi. She wonders if upgrading to a full frame camera will make a difference to her as an amateur family photographer. Next, we have a question from Wilson. Should he buy less expensive lenses made for a crop sensor or full frame lenses?

Jeremy wonders if the name brand lenses are worth the extra expense. And, finally, we have a question from James about lens is good for a family photography on a micro four thirds camera.

I also ask Paul about calibrating lenses and a business question from my husband, Steve, about how Paul got the money for the inventory he started his business with.

Finally, I tell Paul what happened when I took my Canon 7D in an Outex cover underwater in Grand Cayman. I ended up with a waterlogged camera but got these shots before it leaked.

If you are considering upgrading your camera, renting the camera you’re thinking of buying is a great idea. Because my backup camera, the 7D is out of commission, I’m looking for something to replace it. I rented a Canon 5D Mark3 from Lens Pro to Go to check it out. But since I don’t have much invested in Canon maybe I should try a Sony?

Use the offer code TWIP10 for 10% off your rental.

This is the video from Lens Pro to Go Paul told us about explaining sensor size.

If you have a question for this family photography podcast, a gear question, a guest suggestion or a topic you’d like to hear about on TWiP family – email me – jenny@twip.pro

I’m doing a 365 Project this year. You can join me and the great group of TWiP Family listeners on Flickr in the TWiP Family 365 Project 2016 group.

Next week, I’m sharing my conversation with mother, photographer and teacher – Yan Palmer.

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